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Status: SAG-AFTRA / AEA Member      Height: 6 feet 6 in          Weight: 240 lbs   Age Range: 40 - 49  

Hair:  Shaved Bald     Eyes: Brown                   Ethnicity: African American                       Voice Type: Bass, Baritone




Trick                                                             Chief Gunn                                                    Patrick Lussier / Film Bridge Int'l

Bull  ( Season 1 Eps. 3 )                              CoachFinch                                                   CBS Television / Jan Eliasberg

IROKO Pharmaceuticals                             Jeremy                                                           Lumina Films / Mark Richardson

Clear HD TV Dash Cam - :30 Spot              Male SUV Driver                                            TriStar Products / Brian Hyder

Baesic - Music Video                                   DJ Baesic                                                       Gordo Post / Ben Guzman

My Brother's Keeper                                    Bear                                                               Michael Dolloway / JB Bruno Prods.

The Leftovers                                              Orderly #1                                                      HBO / Warner Bros. TV / Mimi Leder

Tears of a Phoenix                                      Reverend Province                                        Suga Productions / Mo Brown

Spheres  (Feature Film)                              Police Cpt. James Carroll                               Silver Style Pictures LLC / Mike Altino
Team Toon  (26 Episodes TV Series)          Mr. Hamilton                                                   Cartoon Network / Crook Bros./ William Wedig
Little Tin Man  (Feature Film)                       Bouncer                                                         VisionHeir Pictures / Matthew Perkins
Facing Trauma ( Season 1 Eps. 1 )             Robert                                                            Discovery / Park Slope Prods / Paul Reitano
Halfway There   (Feature Film)                    Stan Harris                                                      Periwinkle Productions / William Gilmore
The Matrix Pill & The Windows Matrix         Morpheus                                              / Josh Ruben / Sam Reich
My Obsessed Tenant (Feature Film)           Detective Boone                                             Klik Entertainment Prods. / Velto Celestin
The All-For-Nots ( Episode 12 )                   Finn (Blind Blues Singer)                                Vuguru / Dinosaur Diorama / Kathleen Grace
ESPN / ESPN Classic  “Who’s #1 ?”           MC / Host – Shows 1 thru 13                          ESPN / RedLine Films / Al Szymanski


Conflicts Available Upon Request


The Meeting                                               Rashad                                                     Ocean State Theater - Warwick, R.I.

Angels We've Heard On High                         King Herod                                                    Christian Cultural Center - Drama Dept.
Nothing Can Separate Me From His Love      
Proud Father                                                 CCC Performing Arts Dept.  

Harlem On My Mind (Short Plays/Musical)     Deputy Marshall                                            Xoregos Performing Arts Company
His Girl Friday                                                 Walter Burns                                                 Christian Cultural Center - Drama Dept.   
Dreamgirls (Musical)                                      Joe / Mr. Morgan / 5 Tuxedos Singer             BAMSS Theater Works/ Lambs Theater
A Raisin In The Sun                                       Walter Lee Younger                                       BAMSS Theater /Brooklyn Music School
A Soldier's Play & Beast On The Moon         Sgt. Waters /  Mr. Tomasian                           PAM Dept. Drama  Showcase Productions  
Bits And Pieces Of Life                                  Attorney Malik Hickman                                 Strawberry One Act Festival / Riant Theater
Christ Lives After All (Musical)                       Marcus / Gospel Group Singer                      CCC Creative Arts Department
Trial of Jesus / Condition Of the Heart           Herod / Pontius Pilate                                    Christian Cultural Center – Drama Dept.


Criminal Justice – ALE Courts                      D.A. Douglas Williams   (Teleprompter)          McGraw Hill Higher Education
Brooklyn Nets Basketball                              Arena P.A. Announcer – Top 10 Finalist         NBA ( National Basketball Association )
Ushering In The Kingdom                             Radio Talk Show Host - Weekly                      Hot101 Radio Network / Jyrah Prods. 
Above The Influence  ( PSA  )                      Father                           (Teleprompter)           Draft FCB / Office of Nat’l Drug Control
Bell HD                                                         Website Presenter         (Teleprompter)          Simon Sherwell Studios / American Movie Co.  
ICB Year End Celebration Gala                    MC / Host                                                        International Christian Brotherhood - NY 
Christmas In NY – Lincoln Center                Stage Announcer – Avery Fisher Hall             The American Bible Society
Weekly Announcements & Welcome           Stage Announcer                                             CCC Media & Performing Arts Dept.


New Jersey Sharing                                Physician                                                     Effective Arts / Dr. Jim Boggs

Cortlandt Healthcare                                    Resident Patient                                               Magic Dog Creative

North Shore LIJ Hospital                              Security Supervisor                                          Al Ritondo

The Intelligent Divorce                                 Husband / Counselor                                        David Tabatsky / Dr. Mark Banschick

Tennessee Benefits Enrollment                   Derek - Softball Player                                      The Segal Co. / Michael DiBiasio

The Network - PWHC                                  Carl The Realtor                                                Knowledge Launch



A Time For Prayer: Laurine Joseph / Bon Batay- A Documentary of Haiti: Klik Entertainment / Blue-7: Graphic Novel – Rob Fisher Prods. / NJ School of Public Health: Rutgers University / Mission Impossible: Avon Cosmetics / ICB Men’s Health Fair: Int’l Christian Brotherhood


BAMSS Adult Repertory Company                                                                Acting / Scene Study                Ben Harney (’82 Tony Award)
BAMSS Adult Repertory Company                                                                Acting / Musical Theater           Ben Harney (’82 Tony Award)  
Voice-Over Unlimited / AAA Voice Casting / BlabberMouths Prods.             Voice-Over & Copy Reading     Dan & Jennifer Duckworth
Beth Burrows Vocal Studio                                                                            Singing                                      Beth Burrows
You Can Do It Vocal Performance School  (Gospel, R&B, Jazz & Pop)       Singing                                      Lenny Green
Hosting For Television w/ Brandon Williams                                                 TV Hosting                                Scott Powers Studios
Beth Melsky 4 Week On-Camera Commercial Class                                   Commercial Auditioning            David Bellantoni

Actors Connection / Commercial Improv Training                                        Commercial Improv                   Barry Shapiro 



School Of Visual Arts - New York  Bachelors of Fine Arts - Degree Major: Filmmaking
High School of Art & Design - New York  H.S. Diploma Major: Cartooning / Animation / Media Art


Hosting, MC, Singer, Songwriter, Cartoon Illustrator, Baritone-Bass Speaking & Singing Voice, Baseball, Basketball, Voice Impersonations & Cartoon Voices, Comedy Stand-Up, Valid Driver’s License  &  Valid US Passport

HOST DEMO - Corporate / Industrial

Host Demo Reel

Voice-Over Demos

    Commercial / Promos VO Demo

Movie Trailer - Voice-Over "Holla"

 Animation & Narration VO Demo

P.A. & Live Show Announcer - VO

Dramatic Demo Reel

Comedy Demo Reel

Commercial / Promo Demo Reel

Theater Demo Reel

On Site "Live Host" & Interview Demo Clip

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